Rufus won't write correct files

I’m trying to create a USB stick to install manjaro off of, but when I use Rufus it only writes the boot folder and all it has in it is a file called efi. Balena etcher keeps failing and I don’t know why.

Try something different then?!?!?!

AFAIK, Windows won’t show the actual contents of the USB after writing correctly - since it can’t natively deal with or recognize Linux filesystems - which is what is on the device after writing.
it probably worked fine - it just looks like it didn’t.
Try it … instead of looking at it :wink:

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yeah except i try booting into the live media multiple times and get a black screen

(failing to successfully boot)
might be due to some other reason.
Hardware or …whatever …
Can’t help with that - not enough information. :wink:
… since it does (seem to) boot
albeit to a black screen
the USB is likely correctly written