RTL8723DE still possible to work on Linux?

Hi, is it any way to make RTL8723DE work on any Linux distribution? I have try SMLINUX and LWFINGER directions from GitHub and couldnt make it work, nor on Manjaro, neither on Ubuntu or Kali, excuse my english writings, and my lack of knowledge, I am new on Linux. thanks in advance for your support, appreciate any directive you could give me to try, have a nice one, cheers!!!

Have you checked the related threads?

I have, are they applicable today though? i have just installed latest versions of Linux distrib, and as I said, I have little knowledge on the subject…,
Id like to know if someone has make RTL8723de work lately on any linux which steps has they followed…,

Thanks for your answer,
Id hate to go back to windows, with such a hardware would be a pity being stuck on microsoft useless default software