RStudio XFCE - unstable?

I have tried to install RStudio using yay. Yay provides 2 versions:
(a) aur/rstudio-desktop-bin 1.3.1056-1 (Old version)
(b) aur/rstudio-desktop-daily-bin 1.4.710-1

Both versions are very unstable after installation using yay.
Is this a common problem? Anyone more success?

Found the solution: Problem was a missing library that is part of the postgresql repository.
This needs to be installed after installing rstudio. So sequence:

(a) Using yay install package rstudio-desktop-daily-bin 1.4.710-1 (option (b) above)
(b) Install postgresql 12.3-2 using pacman or Pamac

Problem solved.


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