RSS question (offline reading)

Hello everyone,

i am not sure where to put my question, hope that someone knows something more than i do.

Currently i am using Lire on iPhone which is great at downloading the text of the websites from which i like to read articles.
The sad part is, that it seems that on Linux there is no real offline feed reader. Mostly i am confronted with websites within the program.

Now my question is, is there such a thing as an true offline reader or are they mostly online readers.
I tried a lot of readers. One challenge i faced was, what service is supported. I used to use Feedly, now i switched to Old Reader. I am not a heavy reader, so i have mostly under ten feeds. I like to keep it simple.

My latest experience was mit Liferea which on the surface is great. But again, it mostly is capable to show me the website instead of text.
But it is asking all the time for passwords. Not sure if that is, because i use Kwallet.
It looks like it is looking for the gnome wallet.

Anyway, if someone has a suggestion i am game. I even trying console based readers.

Thanks, and all the best.

p.s. if this is the wrong forum, i will apologize. I did not find a fitting forum for my question though.

Newsboat, FTW.

Should be in Manjaro repos.

Arch package

ArchWiki article

Great. At least something. :slight_smile:
Well, i still have Newsflash which works too. I just wished that it translated the webpages into text.
Let me try Newsboat. Never thought about console. :expressionless: