RPi4: transfer existing install to new disk?

I have Manjaro XFCE on my Pi4 installed on an SD card. Is there a way to transfer an existing install (with settings, applications, users etc) to a new disk? E.g. Raspberry Pi OS has a “Copy to SD Card” utility, which writes the booted system to a disk of the user’s choice - very easy to use.

I updated the firmware so I can boot from USB, and I went a bit overboard and got an external USB 3.2 SSD (Samsung T7, 500 GB). As a quick test I installed Raspberry Pi OS on it, and can confirm it boots and launches programs really fast!

If I have to I’ll create a new install on the SSD, it’s not that big of a deal.

You may have a look at this article on the forum : Migration from SD Card to Bootable USB (NVMe) vs. Clean Install

If your new disk is larger than the old disk, you could DD the SD card to the SSD, from another PC. Then when you boot the Raspberry Pi from SSD, run sudo resize-fs, which will expand the root partition to the maximum size of the SSD.

I use this method and you will have a good backup in the end.


Thanks for all the replies.

Once I shift to an SSD, do I need to change a setting(s) somewhere to enable wear-leveling or something, or is Manjaro able to notice that it’s suddenly on a solid-state disk? And is the answer different for a more traditional SSD vs an nVME-type drive?