rpi4 no widwvine support?

i start using my raspi4 as my main PC and run into a problem with amazon videos.
It says widevine is not installed.
Looking into firefox plugins it says widevine will install shortly, but this is sadly never happening.
The next try, installing chromium widevine failed;
Überprüfe source Dateien mit sha256sums...
chrome-eula_text.html ... FEHLGESCHLAGEN
chromeos_12371.75.0_elm_recovery_stable-channel_mp-v2.bin.zip ... Durchgelaufen
==> FEHLER: Eine oder mehrere Dateien überstanden nicht die Gültigkeits-Prüfung!
Error downloading sources: chromium-widevine-armv7h

Is this a known problem?

have a happy day

There is no widevine for aarch64, which is the architecture Manjaro ARM runs.

OK, thank you for the information.
I found this in aur aur/chromium-widevine-armv7h
which made me think it might be supported.

That's only supported for armv7h platforms. It's in the package name. :slight_smile:

Well, if armv7h has support, hopefully armv8 may also get one day :wink:

But that's up to google.

Widevine or not, let me give a big thank you to the Manjaro Arch Team for doing a great job.
And for a friendly and helpful forum.


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