RPi4 - No boot from Minimal or XFCE 19.08

Hey guys, got my first Pi today, a RPi4-4Gb!

I can format the sdcard and boot with NOOBS 3.2 no problem.

If I flash 19.08 (Minimal or XFCE) with Etcher or Rufus, I get the rainbow splash, then nothing... A black screen after the rainbow splash then "No Video Signal.".

Any ideas?


If it's any help, the same issue occured with Raspbian Minimal, but the device booted succefully on Rapsbian Full Desktop. I tried to ssh into the Raspbian Minimal, but no success.


Changing to 'systemctl set-default multi-user.target' on the full desktop, created the same issue. I noticed a config in NOOBS, reinstalling with hdmi-safe=1 and my TV resolution. I will update here, seems like it could be an issue with the type of TV that I have, and the default settings??

Seems the Raspberry Pi is very picky about it's monitor/display setups.

Slight variations in EDID stuff has been an issue for the RPI4.

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Ok got it, it was indeed the config file. I'm still on Raspbian Desktop for now. When I tried to edit the /boot/config.txt I got the same issue, but then edited the config file of the installation with PINN (Switched over to it during my desperation), and I finally got a screen on the TTYs!

I used:
, but the resolution is not correct. At least i'll get to fix it through trial and error.

I guess some information on how to ssh into the Manjaro image or some better defaults/solution would be in order. That TV is a Toshiba 1360x768 60hz, it's not like it's some weird off-brand thing. I've been using it for 12 years!

If you can confirm that I can ssh into the image, I'll make it happen :wink:

May as well write a guide when I'm done :smiley:

If you have gone through the initial Setup guide, you can SSH into the Pi with ssh user@ip.

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Wait, no the initial setup guide does not show when I flash Manjaro Arm. I was asking if there was a way for me to ssh into it after a clean flash. Otherwise I don't have anything with me at the moment to have it display anything :frowning:

SSH is not enabled on the device until the initial setup is done, in the 19.08 images.

However, we are working on getting that done in the next release.

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Awesome! Thanks for your time, I'll keep an eye out for that!

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