[RPI2/3] Manjaro-ARM 18.05 Minimal Released



Manjaro ARM Minimal 18.05 for the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 has just released.

This is mostly a bugfix release, so in this release we have:

  • updated upstream packages
  • Fixed the dmesg spam by the raspberrypi-firmware package.


Although I am sure to find it with some searching, a link here would be helpful.

Edit: And then when I goto http://manjaro-arm.org/downloads.php#rpi2 and click on the download button, I get Forbidden.


@dodgejcr Sounds like file permissions are wrong on the download server?


This has now been fixed.

All download links on manjaro-arm.org for the latest releases now works.

I will be sure to provide download links in the future. :slight_smile:


I see, however, you have later images on your Nextcloud. Will the latest of them be linked to the ‘Download’ button? Will the md5sum be adjusted?

[ See also some other comments in my ‘bug’ report. Although I may sound a little harsh, it is not my intention- I know the Team has a mammoth job to get everything working. I do feel that if the initial obstacles can be smoothed out you may get more people installing Manjaro-Arm, thus more people testing.]


No. My nextcloud images are not release images. They are test images. Expect them to have flaws and errors as I iron them out.


By chance, do you (still?) have an image for the original raspberry? In the link there i only see images for ri2 and rpi3 …


RPi1 is armv6 as the Pi zero



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