[RPI2/3] Manjaro-ARM 18.05 MATE Released



Manjaro ARM MATE 18.05 for the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 has just released!!!

This also includes the fix for the dmesg spam by the raspberrypi-firmware package on TTY.

It comes with quite basic MATE install with not much extra.

I hope you all enjoy it!!

I’m also open to suggestions to improve the Manjaro-ARM MATE for the next releases :smiley:



Looks awesome!

Congratulations on the release! :slight_smile:


Not sure why, but have downloaded “Image” which is 1.4GB zip file but errors unpacking, then tried the “Torrent” download which is 1.6GB download and error unzipping, both seem to unpack 2.1GB at the point the error happen’s, File size inside the zip for both is stated to be 4.4GB.


You are right. I’m getting the same error.

@GrayJack, wanna look into it?


Looking into it the uploaded files are corrupted, but my local ones aren’t, so it probably was corrupted during the upload process.
I made a new zip image and I’ll uploading it, as soon as I can I’ll update the links :smile:


Awesome. I downloaded the img file via torrent last night and it was corrupted so I tried the regular download and noticed it was corrupted too. Glad to know it wasn’t just me! Really looking forward to using this on my Pi since I absolutely love Manjaro on my older laptop. Thanks for all of your hard work!


So, we finally updated the images, since they have the same name, just download it again :smile:

For the people that downloaded the torrent, please download it again so you can have the new image.

Also, don’t fosget to check the md5sum of the .zip file to be sure that it wasn’t corrupted in the download process.

Sorry for the trouble :smiley: