RPI Manjaro password

hi im new and i installt Manjaro on my RPI. i changed my Keyboard layout from german to englisch because i got an new keyboard but now i cant log in beacause the Password dosent work

The password has not changed, but the layout is probably still in german in the login manager, if you only changed the layout in the DE.

So try typing in the password as it would be on the german layout.

hi i already treid it but it didnt work

Can’t help you then.

Changing the keyboard layout, does not change any passwords. Only where the characters are located on the keyboard.

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i thought maby i cound change the layout back somehow but dont know how

is there a way that i coud remove the sd card and change the layout from my Computer so the Password woud work correct

The password is still the same - you just need to figure out how to type it on a keyboard that does not have Umlauts and where the symbols are mapped to different keys.

Go to a TTY and find out which keys to press in order to type your password.
It’ll take a bit of trying but it definitely can be done.
Just type away and see which key produces which output in the TTY.
You’ll have to use the CTRL key a lot, probably. :wink:

On many occasions I found myself in a similar situation:
german keyboard, but the system default language is english - then try to type a command with that keyboard …

ok i try it

thants that worked