rpi-eeprom - VL805?


the pi engineers updated the rpi-eeprom package with power consumption improvements. Idle temps are reduced by about 4 °C.

The rpi-eeprom package is only supported on Raspbian so for other distributions the maintainers would need to implement a similar package. Since the update is just a shell script it should be reasonably easy for other distributions to either re-package the scripts or roll their own e.g. LibreElec does this.

Can you add this package/script to manjaro, please?



The script uses vcgencmd which is not available in Manjaro ARM or Arch Linux ARM (64-bit).

I see the question has been asked in the Arch Linux ARM forum as well.

If they implement it, it should be fairly easy to get on Manjaro. Depends ofcourse if they do an aarch64 package or not.

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