RPi 4 New Kernel 4.19.76 Dual Monitor Sound Change

@Strit is compiling the new kernel 4.19.76 for the RPi 4 and should be in the repo for upgrading in a few hours.

This new kernel will have an enhancement that will show each HDMI's sound as devices and will allow you to choose which HDMI' sound you want to use via the Volume Control's Mixer Settings on the taskbar. You Set which HDMI's device you want to use by clicking/un-clicking it's "Set As Default" button under the Output Devices tab.

Using HDMI 0 for sound:

Using HDMI 1 for sound:


The new kernel 4.19.76 is now in the repo.

The needed new config change in /boot/cmdline.txt is going to be saved in /boot/cmdline.txt.pacnew

After upgrading the kernel check and see if this is at the end of /boot/cmdline.txt


If it is not there then add it to the end of of the line in your existing /boot/cmdline.txt

I used to have sound playback issues on my RPI4 connected to a HDMI monitor, sound was cutting in and out all the time. This change (kernel + config) fixed that issue also, thanks :slight_smile:


Wish you would have said something in the past. This probably would have fixed it if you did not try it already.

Thanks tsched=0 got rid of some random audio crackling while playing 1280 x 720 videos.

Audio and video has not been a priority for me with the RPI4, since I knew we don't have accelerated video decoding on 64 bit Linux anyway. I mainly use my device for learning C++ and reading epubs and pdf's. That's why I did not report the issue, I was waiting for it to fix itself :slight_smile: (for somebody else to do the debugging).

One thing I forgot to mention it seems the onboard sound jack has shown up also. I just do not remember seeing it before with aplay -l or in the Mixer gui. I can not test as I do not have the required speaker/headphone with the required 4 pole jack. You should be able to enable it by clicking on "Set as fallback" on the Headphones Port.

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