Rootfs partition full

I was trieng to update my system but it shown rootfs partition is full.
I did ‘df -h’
and resulf is ’ /dev/loop7 431M 431M 0 100% /usr/lib/lxc/rootfs

how do i clean up this space .
Plz Help me

Looks like you’re trying to update the live image of the install CD/USB or a minimal container, not a full Manjaro installation on an SSD/HDD.

I have installed manjar on my hdd

That is very possible, but the output of your df command above is suggesting that this is not where you are running the command from. You’re running it from within a container, not from within the host.

LXC containers do not have access to the full system resources, and it is also not where you are supposed to be updating your system from. You have to do that in the host.

I didn’t Show the full command but I have more than half of space free and I this error is on host only

This was just yesterday - a similar problem.

I tried it but my rootfs was still full . Should I remove files in rootfs or increase its size?

You did not yet tell us basic things.
The only thing we know is:

which is not your rootfs at all.

You also didn’t say what you tried.

Basically, you say you have a problem, but don’t tell what it is.

I have Checked my rootfs Directory also its full
While updating this error comes
’ warning: could not get file information for usr/lib/lxc/rootfs/README error: Partition /usr/lib/lxc/rootfs is mounted read only error: not enough free disk space error: failed to commit transaction (not enough free disk space) Errors occurred, no packages were upgraded.’

I have no experience whatsoever with LXC - I thought you where trying to update your host system and it’s filesystem is full
which is apparently not the case.
I’ll be watching from the side in order to maybe learn something here - but I can’t help.

Thanks for your help. Any plz help me

It could be that your lxc container is still mounted/running when you try to update.
A file that is supposed to be there isn’t there.
You are not giving much information about the situation.