Root password bug

When i change GLOBAL THEME my root password changes too. When i go back to the manjaro default theme, this problem solves and my password return…
ChromeOS-dark global theme was the top 1 " password changer " on my tests


… and:
that would be a severe one
how to reproduce?
any proof? :sunglasses:
how did you recover from a root password change?
(ah, yes: by resetting the theme … :neutral_face:)

Should this be understood as you have reproduced the issue - with more than one theme?

This could be one very good reason to verify the theme’s installation scripts - and never run un-trusted scripts with elevated permissions.

I would reinstall my system immediately - you won’t have any idea of what else has been changed.

Hi guys, im a noob on linux… (about 2 weeks on linux, manjaro)
I notice that bug when i tried to use pamac
I can’t prove anything about it ( cuz I’m not able to do this as a pro linux user do ) that was observational resolution of my problem…
When i change my global theme my root password changes and when i back to default theme, i was on control again… that’s it

Just back to default theme was the solution for me…
I spend almost 1 day looking for resolutions on internet, forums, youtube, etc
i was afraid to turn off my machine and lost the access to my user… then i started to undo every change on my system that i could remember, 1 by 1… and for my surprise the resolution for me was back to default theme… at that time i was trying to install cmatrix (cuz im noob haha), so i undo something, try to install cmatrix, type my root password and see if works

Perhaps you’ll forgive me when I say:
I can’t believe that.
… the root password be changed and then suddenly … not be changed anymore
by changing a theme

but: whatever - it now works as it should, apparently

im ok with that :grin:

when i face this problem happen to me i had the same feeling: it’s not possible, wtf is going on?.. apparently it is haha

yeah - but only apparently :wink: