Root FS remount fails

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I have recently upgraded system from 5.9.16 to 5.13.13. It won’t boot anymore, halting at remounting root fs. When I give root password and go maintanance, the ‘/’ is mounted in RO, works all fine and I can see all of my files. I guess fstab is pointing right partition (it’s plain ext4 with defaults,noatime 0 1)

I can’t figure out while the remount fails. Journal doesn’t give any specifics.

I’ve tried remounting manually and also don’t see anything meaningfull.

Do you have any advice how to investigate this further? I would love to see understandable error message and will be grateful for any hint!

PS: If I boot older 5.9.16, it works all fine and system starts.

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5.9.16 was EOL (End Of Life) almost three years ago and 5.13.13 was EOL almost two years ago.

Please make sure your system is fully up to date before requesting support. See Pacman-mirrors - Manjaro


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I am sorry to have to say this, but Manjaro is a rolling-release distribution and must be kept up to date. If you do not update your system whenever a new batch of updates becomes available, then I’m afraid that…

  • it is only a matter of time before you’ll run into trouble — and you will;
  • your system is most likely vulnerable to hackers;
  • we cannot and will not help you, because that kind of usage is not what Manjaro was designed for; and…
  • you will be better off running a fixed-point-release distribution.

Manjaro comes with an update notifier icon in the system tray, which tells you whenever updates are available, and all major updates come with a designated announcement thread under Announcements, of which the first post details the changes, and the second post lists the potential problems and how to deal with them.



Thanks @Yochanan and @Aragorn for prompt replies!

I know it’s rolling and on many occasions I just gave up trying to figure out what failed in an update after long time gap.

I’m sorry I didn’t bother to check versions. I just run full pacman update few months ago and was not expecting to land at version that was so much outdated.

Just one more question before I do fresh install for my understanding :slight_smile:

lsmod displays ext4 as one of the module in maintenance mode. cat /proc/modules give me ext4 with some version (besides few other modules). But modinfo ext4 give me error ‘Module ext4 not found’

What this can tell me? That ext4 is in initial kernel, but it’s not available in FS?

Thanks agains!

I suspect that ext4 was directly linked into the kernel binary, as opposed to as a loadable module. Considering that most distributions still consider it the de facto default filesystem type, it would make sense to have it hard-linked into the kernel itself.

Going from one EOL-kernel(5.9) to another EOL-kernel(5.13) is NO good idea :wink:

You could try to go to 5.15 (which is supported) or to another LTS-kernel.

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