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Hi guys,
I used Arch about 10 years ago and in the past year or so I have set up one machine running Manjaro as a fileserver. I just recently did my first update using pamac update command and updated to 21.1.0, but noticed I can’t get the sound working.
I wanted to tinker with the problem, but after I insert either root or user password, nothing seems to work and it seems that the installation messed up my passwords. Is that even possible? I couldn’t have both passwords wrong and I even enable revealing the password when typing. Any ideas? Thank you.
Best, zimci

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Please take a look at the announcement thread below under the Section “Older Issues

Another recommended read below:

For this, I would recommend opening another thread after you get the login issue resolved.

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If your root file system isnt encrypted you might be able to restore root password by adding ‘/bin/sh’ at the end of your startup options in grub.
When in this mode you might be able to run passwd without knowing the old one… from root you can passwd <user>. If this doesnt work then you will have to login via live distro (mine favourite being rescueCD) chroot into enviroment which makes loged as root, so you can run passwd
One of the realy anoying things about this forum is that you cant send the links unless lasted here long enough (I dont think I’ll have nerwes to stay here that long) so you would have to google chroot (you might wont to follow gentoos guide up-to chroot)