Rocm 2.0 for manjaro


Is their any chance you will add this in the future?


my guess:
It highly depends on the effort made by this:


What is this “rocm 2.0” ?

This is not a category for a wishlist item, this is a category to request a specific package being added to the repos.

Please don’t make people chase around the forum or the web to work out what you want. You want it, you make the effort to explain it.

OK, so after chasing through several links I ended up at, and apparently:

So basically this is an absolutely massive job.

Summary: I don’t use ROCm so I’m not going to spend a significant amount of my time packaging it unless someone pays me.


Specific libraries should totally be left up to upstream, if not any just the aur.
And I don’t think anybody should care about the dkms driver. AFAIK mainline linux is now enough for it.

The only thing most of people seems to actually care for is opencl tbh
(which is a tad ironic considering rocm would be supposed to be a more straightforward api, but still)

EDIT: see progress for the reminder here, if really really you care…

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