Rockpro64 headphone jack audio issues

By default, the headphone jack does not work. Everything is streamed through HDMI cord. However through the audio volume control, headphone appears to be an option but doesn’t work. I have tried various configuration on the audio settings changing stereo inputs and outputs and still can’t find the solution. Anyone know a solution to this?

I figured it out. In terminal type:
sudo alsamixer

Select rockchip sound device
Tap right key all the way till you see left headphone and right headphone. There will be a square above with label MM. Click on it with mouse and u should see 00. Do that for each of them. Then scroll back right and raise DAC to 100%. Then exit terminal. Select headphone jack in audio volume controller and everything should work.

I did notice that after a reboot, alsamixer configuration gets reset. Is there a way to save the alsamixer configuration after alteration?

Yes do this after making the changes in alsamixer
sudo alsactl store

Good Luck.

Thank you very much!

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