RockPro64 Fails to boot


Having a hell of a time making Manjaro work for:

Device: RockPro64 4GB
Storage: SD Card (128 Samsung Evo Select)
Version: Manjaro-ARM-minimal-rockpro64-19.08 (downloaded latest copy today)

For some reason Manjaro will not power boot the device no matter how I try. I am able to burn armbian to the same SD card and it will power on (red and white light). Help?

Tested out 19.06, and it worked, mostly. It failed to SSH, as you need to interact with a CLI first-run wizard. Sure glad HDMI worked. :smiley:

So..... something seems wrong with 19.08.

19.08 ships with 5.2 kernel which introduced a boot delay bug to rk3399 based devices. So it should boot. It just takes about 3-5 minutes.

I left it along for a few hours, and it never booted...... sadly. The white LED also never came on either.

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