Rockpi4c filed to boot on NVME after kernel update

This little system works but after an update it doesn’t boot. I flashed some other images and it boots only the first time. After a KERNEL update it doesn’t boot anymore. Probably because the proper files are not mentioned in the boot partition and it espects some files that the updating operation changed. So If I install a new kernel by the updating function I stop the SBC. I am sorry because this kind of forum is new for me. I cannot have informations about to solve this problem. At time of writing I updated all less kernel.

I reply by myself. The kernel that is ok with all drivers for this machine is not the 5.xx but the 4.4.xx. The online Manjaro images, based on the last kernel, are not complete. The BLuetoth doen’t work and the graphic is very ugly. The lines are duplicated and the resolution is not supported. With the images based on the 4.4.xx kernel is all right.

This would be related to the firmware package. If you find a solution that works on mainline, please update us.

This would require a screenshot. Not sure what you mean by duplicate lines. The Rock Pi 4C and the Pinebook Pro has the same SoC, same GPU etc, and the graphics look pretty good on the Pinebook Pro.
Regarding resolution, mainline currently does not have support for anything above 1080p on the rk3399 SoC.

There are some kernels available in images for this SBC. The 4.4.xx kernels work fine gave the full resolution and the bluetooth support. This, the 5.11 is not working properly. The graphic is dancing and the bluetooth is not working. It is not important for me to have the last kernel, I would like to have one for this hardware and nothing else. The problem is: how downgrade the kernels without brick the boot? Every time I make an upgrade the boot stops due to the SPI flashing mechanism! If I change kernel I have to do something to adjust the shoot!

We don’t have any 4.4 kernel. So if you want it, you will need to compile it yourself.

We don’t flash anything on updates. That’s a user action.

I have the image but this forum doesn’t allow the upload.

Yes, but not only with Manjaro. All the distro have the same result: if I install a new kernel the boot is compromised. Actually I cannot write in this low resolution, I need a reinstall. How upload an image here?

You should be asking yourself if you need a newer kernel than 4.4?

We run mainline kernel on our images, which boot just fine. So it seems to be some issue with your bootloader or maybe boot scripts.

Mainline kernel does not support higher resolutions than 1080p as I said above.

Hi. If you give an eye to the radxa forum you notice that only the Debian 9 developed by Radxa works fine. The bluetooth, usb, mDP, and the NVME support at once are not allowed by the others. I try all. The Armbian Kernel 4.4.xx can give the graphic support. With Manjaro I have a flickering and swirling lines, and the display is not well rendered. I cannot upload an image in this forum, so I cannot show it to you. And the Manjaro image works and reboots. BUT if I upgrade the kernel, it doesn’t reboot. Why? Why the newer kernel doesn’t work? Can I install a more recent one? An older one?

I don’t have a Rock Pi 4C, so I can’t test it for you.

@spikerguy might be able to see what’s going on.

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Please share the image you have tried.
Are you using Nvme for boot and rootfs?

I can give it a try .