Rock 3a rk3568 m.2 wifi cards not recognized

first of all: Thank you for your work and for putting so much effort in the development of manjaro.
I’m running the latest XFCE 22.10 image with kernel 6.0.7-2 from an SD card. So far, the system seems pretty stable, and I have only encountered a couple of issues that I would like to resolve before installing to an emmc or nvme.

I have tried following wifi cards with no luck:
Realtek RTL8822CE
Intel AX210

I tried the following commands as root, but unfortunately, these did not help in recognizing the wifi cards (no wifi in nmcli dev):
echo 1 > /sys/bus/pci/rescan
nmcli r wifi on

I’ve uploaded the output of dmesg (with RTL8822CE attached):
manjaro_rk3568_dmesg -

In the case of the Intel AX210, I could at least see bluetooth devices but couldn’t connect (though bluetooth is not really part of this topic).
Both cards work on other devices and the RTL8822CE also works on other distros for rock 3a (radxa ubuntu and unofficial armbian ubuntu), and the drivers and firmware seem to be present in manjaro.

Are wifi cards supported (maybe something missing in dtb)? Also, is there a list of supported features? I couldn’t find other topics about this.

I don’t think PCIe has been added to the DTS in 6.0 yet. But it should be there with 6.1.

I just tried the rc kernel (6.1.0-rc4-2) and after rescanning the pci bus I can stablish a wifi connection.
I still cannot connect to bluetooth devices but that’ll be another topic. ^^
Thank you.

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