RISC-V; OpenPOWER versions of Manjaro

ArchLinuxPOWER is for RISCV64, PowerPC, PowerPC64le.

I’m sending a dev from that project an iBook G4 and would like to start a Kickstarter to get them a Talos OpenPOWER rig to be able to compile much faster than on an iMac G4 and PowerBook G4 lul.

Also - supports RISC-V so wanted to get them some development boards.

I guess this is simultaneously a future request but also request to see how I would start porting the in Manjaro packages.

I have an OpenPOWER 4 core system with 64GB RAM That I really only use for Minecraft and arch Linux tinkering so would love to help.

So what are the steps needed to:

Make a community respin of Manjaro for RISC-V and POWER (and legacy PowerPC)? Bonus points for Arch32

Please search before posting:

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OpenPower 4 Boards can be rather pricey. RISC V does have widespread development, but mostly SoC designs. SiFive does have a mITX Boards the last last I checked.