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In distros I've used previously, I could type audiocd:/ into Konqueror's location bar and it would give me drag-and-drop access to rip CDs.

Since switching to Manjaro, I've discovered that doesn't work; I typed audiocd:/ into the location bar and Konqueror gave me an error saying it's a malformed URL. (I've also tried browsing to the CD by location; that just prompts me to open it with a different program.)

Is there a package I'm missing that supports drag-and-drop CD ripping? Or has the feature been removed from Konqueror? (I know ripping audio CDs isn't exactly the popular feature that it used to be.) If Konqueror doesn't support it anymore, what's my best option for ripping CDs? Command line is okay if necessary but ideally I'd like something that will pull metadata, handle automatic filenames, etc.


K3B is what I use to rip to FLAC

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used to use cdparanoia for ripping CDs in command-line

now use it in GUI asunderfor audio encoders and cddb for metadata


asunder is good with cddb I used that combination with MATE when I had that desktop environment, K3B has both features and is easy to work with if you need to add or edit any information yourself

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You must install the audiocd-kio package ─ it's not installed by default in Manjaro, but it's in the repository.

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Try Rubyripper from AUR for best quality audio CD extraction.

Thanks; that's what I was looking for.

I seem to remember there was a settings dialogue I could use to set various attributes -- automatic filenames (eg Artist/Album/TN - Title.ext), bitrate, etc. I'm not finding that offhand; is it in Konqueror settings, system settings, or somewhere else I'm missing?

Thanks again!

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That might be in Konqueror's settings, but truth be told, I haven't used Konqueror anymore since my migration to Plasma 5. I use Dolphin as my file manager now. :slight_smile:

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