Rightclick context menus not disappearing

Happens with all types of applications, here is a recording with vsc:

Restarting VSC doesn’t fix it. Restarting Plasma doesn’t fix it. Logging in and out does.

killall plasmashell
plasmashell > /dev/null 2>&1 & disown

[Imgur: The magic of the Internet](https://Imgur Recording)

Yes, it is a known bug, and it has already been reported here many times, as well as at bugs.kde.org.

I don’t know whether it’ll be fixed in the upcoming Plasma 5.23, but chances are that it will be, because they’ve rewritten the entire compositor code, to such an extent even that certain desktop effects ─ e.g. the spinning cube, the flip switch, et al ─ had to be dropped. (They will be added again later, when they have been rewritten in QML.)


By the way, you can fix it by restarting the compositor. :arrow_down:

qdbus org.kde.KWin /Compositor suspend && qdbus org.kde.KWin /Compositor resume

I’ve made an alias for it in my ~/.bashrc: :arrow_down:

alias restart-compositor='qdbus org.kde.KWin /Compositor suspend && qdbus org.kde.KWin /Compositor resume'
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