Right clicking or trying to double click items in Dolphin segfaults the application

I just get the following error:

kf.kio.slaves.file: copy() QUrl("file:///home/vfbsilva/.local/share/Trash/files
/a_1661721476_12354713.jpg") to QUrl("file:///tmp/dolphin.rCFsSd") mode= 420
kf.kio.slaves.file: the file doesn't have any xattr
Not a JPEG file: starts with 0x52 0x49
Not a JPEG file: starts with 0x52 0x49
Cannot initialize model with data QJsonObject(). missing: QJsonValue(string, "u
kf.kio.widgets: The "Insync" plugin still installs the desktop file for plugin
loading. Please use JSON metadata instead, see KAbstractFileItemActionPlugin c
lass docs for instructions.
Falha de segmentação (imagem do núcleo gravada)
I’ve created another user on my system and Insync is working perfectly there. So I asumed that there was something wrong with my current user configuration.

I’ve removed my .config/Insync and .local/share/Insync folders, renamed my “Google Drive” folder to just “Insync” and lauched the Insync start wizard. The first sync is still in progress but Dolphin overlay icons are already showing up. So I guess that some config was messed up during some update. Even the context menu options are working again.

Did you have to reconfigure all the folders you want to back cup again? Yup it is something with isynch, stopped th service and now I can click again.

it wasn’t me, it’s part of the link i added. please read the link of this chat. but as described, create a new (additional) user and login as this “test”-user. if everything works then it’s a problem with the profiles of your original user.