Right Click Desktop "Create a new launcher here..." Doesn't Work



It’s been one week after a fresh install, decided to add some custom icons to the “Panel Launcher” when right click “Create a new launcher here…” does absolutely nothing. All other Desktop Right Click functions work perfectly. On a separate machine that didn’t have a fresh install (upgraded for about a year) launcher creation works fine.

Checked lastest stable community announcement [Stable Update] 2018-12-23
There doesn’t seem to be anything that deals with this problem directly concerning the announcment unless I’m mistaken about SystemD influence.

Any Ideas? Do Panel Applets effect Launcher functionality?

Cinnamon Version: 4.0.9
Linux Kernal: 4.19.23-1-MANJARO
All Packages Up-to-date as of this post


Known bug, fixed, but not updated yet

You can do it by following @smurphos instructions in his comment. :wink:


Nice Find! :+1: