Right-click context menu in KDE Plasma has changed

I changed the action for scrolling on the desktop, because I did not want Plasma to change workspace, when I do. By doing this unfortunately the context menu has changed. I can't change the background picture anymore. In fact this menu is missing completely. It seems like a lot of KDE features are missing

It's there.
right click, Configure Desktop

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No, it is not there. It lists the two works spaces and the applications opened on them. In fact, the configure desktop menu is nowhere to find at all.

Maybe revert the changes you made then, just to see what happens?




Keyboard press and hold Alt +d +s and the Configure Desktop menu will pop up.


:point_up: do this. Then select Mouse Actions and set Right Button to Standard Menu to get the standard menu on right click.

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@knome: Thank you! It worked. Yet it is weird that you can't access this menu from anywhere else

Hey, I was holding Alt + D + S, It asked me for password at the first time, then nothing happens.

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