[RFE] Sorting on "Interaction" priority

Hi is it possible to add a sorting functionality to view forum posts sorted on these criteria combined in decreasing order of sort priority:

  1. Number of replies. (starting with lowest number)
  2. Number of views (starting with highest number)
  3. Activity (user selectable starting from oldest or newest)

This will allow all forum visitors that like to help others to notice posts in a kind of priority of interaction needed.
That way will be able to see a listing of posts that draw attention of viewers (#views) but at same time have less #replies and age of them acoarding to the viewers interest in most recent or oldest.

I don’t have the answer for the questions that you asked.

But one workaround could be:

  1. Go to https://forum.manjaro.org/search

  2. Select Where topics as contain a single user or have zero replies

    Maybe also select Sort by as Most viewed

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Thanks, but it was actually an RFI “Request for Improvement” kind of feed back to the forum staff :wink:
I’ll update the Topic title to better reflect that intention :+1:

I can see much more options in https://meta.discourse.org/search.

But I am not sure that it still has the options that you requested.

I am sure someone from the team will respond, if discourse supports it. :+1:

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I’m actually asking for a tab at top next to the “Latest”, “Recent” etc ones, that’s why i mentioned “combined” :wink:
(Eg. a preset)

Is RFI common terminology in some field? I had not heard of this term before. Would it be confusing to use “feature request” instead, or is there some important nuance between the terms?

I’ll check if the admin panel has some pre-existing option for something like this, but if not, @codesardine is our web guy.

If is not build in then I would have to check if any pre made plugin does that.

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I did not find a pre-existing options for this at least yet. Didn’t check the plugins yet though.

Ä° seem to have made a mistake :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
It should have been RFE, the E standing for “Enhancement”, because RFI is actually asking for “Information” IIRC.
It’s in same line as RFC which you must have heard of before wrt internet standards :wink:
So I’ll fix that in title :blush:

It’s just shorter :blush:


The actual difference is in fact that a “feature request” is normally used to request for new functionality, eg. non-existing yet in a software.
While a request for enhancement is asking to improve already available functionality in a software.

So in context of this thread the already available functionality is the sorting of the posts, hence my request to improve the forum by providing another “sort preset” :wink: