Reverting from mesa-git to stable

When Cyberpunk 2077 came out, I installed the mesa-git drivers - these were the ones in the official repos, not the AUR ones that were previously there. I think it was @philm that added these ones. Anyway, I did this via Pamac as suggested and I made a note of everything previously installed with ‘mesa’ in the name before doing so (All these things were installed by default).

Today, I’ve decided to revert back to the stable mesa drivers so in Pamac, I selected mesa 20.3.3-1 & lib32-mesa 20.3.3-1. Pamac informed me it would remove the git versions and replace them with the stable versions so I accepted. After a reboot I checked my list of previously installed mesa libraries and found that only some of them had been reinstalled. I’m now confused as to whether something has gone wrong and I should install them manually, or if they’re not needed anymore?

Here’s the list:

Things that did get reinstalled:

Things that did not get reinstalled:

What should I do?

By the way, I’m using a Ryzen 2700x & an RX 5700 on Manjaro stable - KDE Plasma.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

You could install all of them, no problem, but having in mind your HW, libva-mesa-driver and vulkan-radeon, and optionally it’s 32bit counterparts, should be enough.


OK. I reinstalled all of them other than the intel one because I’m pretty sure I won’t be needing that. I’m gonna try playing some games to see if things are working ok. Thanks for your help.

All right man. VDPAU is for hardware video decoding, but it is more geared towards nVidia cards and you should be using VAAPI instead anyways, but again, it doesn’t hurt to have all of them.

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Ah I see. Well as long as it doesn’t do any harm. I need to do some more testing but I have played a couple of games and things seem ok so far so I should be good now. I’ll post back if I notice any issues though. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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