Returning to nouveau

I’ve got NVIDIA GK208B running on my system and I switched it to the proprietary driver (nvidia 470-xx). However, I noticed no substantial difference in performance (I’m not like a serious gamer or anything), and a problem was created wherein I could not switch to a virtual console with ctl-alt-f2 etc: just got a black screen. Also the fdisk and error results were no longer displaying during boot and shutdown. So I was able to switch back to nouveau: --there is not much documentation on this and I stumbled about for a while, but I finally figured out that all you really have to do is use mhwd to ‘remove’ the nvidia driver, then you can add the free driver (making certain that the nouveau package remains installed), Reboot, and voila!

My question, however is a matter of housekeeping. I would like to completely remove the nvidia proprietary packages from my system but when I attempt to do so using pacman I am confronted with a host of dependency issues. Is it possible, or worth the effort, to attempt to remove the nvidia packages, and how would be a good way to go about that?

Thanks for any insight.

That should remove the nvidia driver.

What packages are you talking about?

Probably the MHWD databases, things like that, packages for MHWD.

This is what I thought too. A shocking number of users confuse those ( mhwd-nvidia, etc.) with the actual drivers.

Yes you are correct, please forgive my error. Only the mhwd packages remain, they have “nvidia” in their names so I got confused. Thanks.

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