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I’m sorry if this is not the right place to type!

Hello, I’m a power user of windows but decided to give linux a go so I installed Manjaro. I really like it but it’s not supporting my adobe programs so I want to install windows again. However when i plug in my boot usb it just ignores it (I changed it into bios to boot from it) and I dont know what to do. Can I have some help? Also I will install linux to my laptop for sure :smiley:

Like what? Maybe we can help you find alternatives.

We can help with that if it’s Manjaro. :wink:

However, this not the place to get help with installing Windows. There are plenty of other forums for that.

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From my experience… Every single Adobe product can easily be replaced with a better alternative… with the exception of Photoshop. Only because GIMP has a WAY higher learning curve, which is Photoshop’s main competing alternative. GIMP is powerful if you can learn it though!

AlternativeTo is a great website to find alternative programs.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to go to a Windows forum for assistance with this. We cannot help you with Windows issues. It’s like going to Windows forum and expecting them to help you install Linux.

Or going to an Apple store to help get an Android device fixed.

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I know that I can check other forums and I actually did do but the community is really toxic and didn’t help me at all. I’m impressed how cool you guys are. Haven’t seen any toxicity. I literally got roasted like 5 times for 10 minutes in other forums. So I was hoping to get help here :confused:


There should be an option to boot into usb from your motherboard’s BIOS settings

hey, maybe you should just force the boot menu to boot from your bootable USB. In my bios menu, I’ve set my boot settings with Secure Boot Off and Legacy Boot Off
So it directly boots to my Manjaro Drive, but If I force Boot Menu Using F12 in my Dell Laptop, I can boot to any bootable drive regardless of my boot settings.

If this doesn’t help, I’d agree with other posts.

Enough helpful tips have been shared. This is not a Windows support forum.