Retroarch | RPi4 | Core updater &/or AUR cores


trying to get Retroarch working on an RPi4 running Manjaro Arm 19.12.

Installing it from sudo pacman -S retroarch, or trizen -S retroarch libretro installs fine but the Core Updater inside retroarch just flashes the screen then returns me to the menu.
The retroarch-rbp in aur is only configured for arm7 so no luck there

I've set the core download and core info file download folder to /home/user/Games/.cores so retroarch shouldn't have any permission errors.
Also, installing the libretro-core-info package from AUR doesnt seem to make any difference to just downloading it from within Retroarch.
The cores that are available prebuilt in the package manager don't show up either, I guess I would have to find their install location and either move them to a folder retroarch knows or point retroarch.conf to that location.

Anyone tried this before and have any tips?
As I'm typing this I'm

git clone
make install

so gonna see if this makes any difference...

I recall someone else on the forum trying to get this going, running into the same issue you are, that the packages are not made for aarch64.


make install

failed, trying again with the ./configure options from the AUR retroarch-rpb package
fingers crossed^^)

ended up
pacman -S retroarch libretro
ro install the base package, cores I needed (pcsx-rearmed and libretro-core-info had a conflict so ended up moving pcsx info to a different folder and running the installer again after), and xmb/ozone assets.

After this I
git clone
and compiled from source, after which i would move the *.so files to the cores folder.
I went with my own folder in ~/somewhere but I guess you could just move the compiled ones to the default /lib/libretro/
in ~/.config/retroarch/retroarch.cfg you can point retroarch to look anywhere using
libretro_directory =
libretro_info_path =

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