Resume from suspend and firewall status

Hi all,
Using FirewallD on my system. Every time I return to my PC from a suspend to memory I get the message that the Firewall has started. When I run ‘systemctl status firewalld’ I get a response saying the firewall has been active for the entire session so to include periods where the PC has suspended to memory. The question is, which is true - the terminal response or the notification?

I ask this because my PC has just resumed from a suspend and was sat for 10 minutes unresponsive before i got the notification that the firewall was up again - was i without a firewall for those 10 minutes?


I don’t think so.

You can always check using either systemd or firewall-cmd

systemctl status firewalld


sudo firewall-cmd --state

Thanks for the reply and sorry for the slow response (unexpecdily off line this last week). I had used
systemctl status firewalld

at the time and it said the firewall had been up for 4 hours so assume all ok

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