Restoring timeshift snapshot of older manjaro upon new manjaro

I know I am trying to use timeshift against its original intention by restoring the whole system including user data. I will change this but for now I have to restore a system which was ‘snapped’ on a year old manjaro version.
My question now is, will this ‘downgrade’ my freshly installed KDE 6? Actually I just want to have the apps and the data. Would it be wiser to pull them manually from the snapshot instead of restoring the whole thing?
Thank you.

I think so, personally. Because restoring the snapshot will basically reset the installation to that time, so all updates and changes will have to be reapplied.

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thanks for your reply!


Then copy the pacman logfiles and install one package after the other, because some apps may be not ported jet.

There is a risk to create a “big mess” if you copy programs. But you can try to carefully merge some configs into /etc (after installing the programs).

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I use timeshift also this way… i personally think it makes total sense to use it this way, as long as you are aware that all user data will get overwritten… why not?

The keypoint is to have a fresh snapshot when restoring your system.

I think someone other asked pretty close the same stuff and i answered this quote below: