Restoring i3 Manjaro settings

While trying to theme i3 my sleep deprived brain decided it was a good idea to rm my config file. I’ve restored the Z menu (the feature I was missing most) from this config file since, though I still miss some styling like the desktop widget or windows not having headings.

Anyone got an idea where to look, or care to share their “stock” config file? It feels pretty excessive to reinstall just for this one lapse in reason).

You should still have them all on /etc/skel so you can copy all those files to your home directory. If you altered them, just reinstall manjaro-i3-settings then copy those files to your home directory and restart i3 or reload the config.

Thanks a lot! I fear I’ll be using this folder more when … modifying things goes wrong.

you can use the “save as” in the text editor to make a back up, just add .bak, example config.bak.
try & make that a habit before you modify a file.
these things are addicting & it’s very hard to stop at a little tweak.

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