Restoring GRUB2 after Windows 10 install

I have Manjaro installed and working on my main PC but I’d like to dual boot Windows 10 on the system. I know I should have installed Windows 10 first and then installed Linux but at the time I was sure that I would run Windows in a virtual machine but now I’m thinking that I should just dual boot as it’ll be easier and won’t require a second GPU so that I can use GPU passthrough to the virtual machine.

The only problem is that I don’t know how to go about restoring GRUB2 after I’ve installed Windows 10. Can anyone offer any advice on what I need to do at all? I’ll also need to add Windows 10 to the boot menu in GRUB2.

Option one, a forum search for “restore grub”.

Option two, the wiki page for “restore grub”:

From here, this would still be easier and safer.

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