Restore very old Timeshift snapshot

Hi, I’ve developed a series of strange issues with Cinnamon, GIO/gvfs, and a few other parts of my system. The most recent Timeshift snapshot I have was made on the 18th of September, which means according to /var/log/pacman.log there have been 1,402 package upgrades since then. Is it safe to restore my system files from a snapshot that’s that old?

If you do that, you’ll have a massive update to do.

You’d probably be better off going thru the pacman log, and slowly downgrading for a specific date/update set.

You can probably open up some new threads detailing your problems…

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Thanks for this advice! I’ve solved the problems I was having (see the last post here if curious - Cinnamon and Nemo issues in the last week or so) and I will make sure to make regular Timeshift snapshots to avoid a huge backlog of updates if I do need to restore. Cheers!

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