Restore Manjaro drive from live boot

I use manjaro on my laptop as a fully encrypted drive and after messing around with some files and packages my environment can’t even boot from startup, and instead I am directed to grub recovery. No GUI is functional. I am using a live boot from usb currently to try and restore my encrypted drive and I haven’t backed up my system at all. I know my password to decrypt the system but to my knowledge I can’t use timeshift since that requires you to make backups in advance. I have been following this guide a previous guide on the forum however it does not cover how to mount the drive if it is encrypted and I do not know how to decrypt my drive from a live boot. I need to recover my encrypted drive or at least gain access to some files, such as my password manager, from the live boot. I’m sorry if this has been covered before but I am having trouble finding the information I need so thank you in advance.

see this