Restore default monitor configurations


2021.04.08 I installed Mnajaro, everything was perfect. When at my XFCE I change my Monitors configurations the program show me correcnt named monitors with correct screen sizes.

2021.05.01 I tried to install client for NeoVim, it required some 3d grafics and I ran nvidia-xconfig as a root.

Now all my configuration is broken.

I have to turn out cable of big monitor to reach logging window after the suspend mode. Because of all setting reset.

Laptop monitor has wrong screen size (960x540 instead of 1366x768), 3rd video output dose not represented. /etx/X11/xorg.conf is rewriten to current date, and I do not know how to get old correct working one.

Questions is. How to restore configuration I got right after installation? More precisely what programs to run to get the same configurations files that was right after installation.

Thank you.

So what I did? I printed sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bk this allows me to return 1366x768 to my laptop screen resolution at the xfce-disply-settings. This in general returns me the same level of workflow I used before, but it’s still anoying thet corrent name of my laptop screen dispaeared and I have no 3rd Video VGA output.

My firend andvise halped me, he told that it must work without any config at all, and also I remember that during nvidia-xconfig run there was an output that xorg.conf is created because there was no such file.

I still want to return setings back, but at least I do not need to unplug monitor to be able to enter credential and have normal resolution.

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