Restart / Connect to Wi-Fi Network in Terminal

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to make things a little bit easier for a man with Alzheimer’s disease that only watches youtube because he doesn’t know anything else on the computer, and windows had far too many buttons and options (not to mention inbuilt advertisements) that distract him and my mother ends up getting calls from him all through the day and some nights.

The desktop has nothing on it now, only the web browser he was using on windows and I removed the bar so he doesn’t start clicking things not knowing what they do, like he did on windows.

Is there a command that I can set to a keyboard shortcut so that he just has to press a button and the connection will connect to his wifi again. I need this because it looks like his router may restart itself or something like that, and then the computers connection will be off until someone manually tells the computer to connect to his wifi.

Hope this was clear enough.
Thank you.

I believe the cinnamon spin uses NetworkManger.
It provides a command line tool nmcli:

$ nmcli connection up $name

should bring up the connection named $name.
If wifi needs to be toggled on/off, it can also do that:

$ nmcli radio wifi off
$ nmcli radio wifi on

Also see nmcli-examples: NetworkManager Reference Manual

That looks like it will do the job. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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