Resources Question? Just wondering

I've got a quick question. I don't think i've ever really understood this and I don't know why, even on windows.

How come all of the processes in the window that shows everything? that is running adds up to show total max of like 450MBs? But under Resources tab the computer is using 1.2Gigs of Ram?

Am I missing something here lol?

I think there is one more "user" system what takes resources.
check stop in terminal you will see RAM is counted differently all the time.
look how confusing it can be. Screenshot 2020-07-28 at 19.54.17

Thank you for the reply! Looked into it a bit and found this post to be interesting.

Also, if you didn't know this already, i used ps_mem as this person suggested and it looked to show much more accurate information.

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