[Resolved] Nvidia MX150 HP envy laptop - cant't install Manjaro i3 version, black screen after GRUB




I’m using Manjaro i3 version on my home and work PC’s (both are desktops) for a year.

Recently, I get laptop HP Envy x360 15-cn0006na, which have Nvidia MX-150 GPU and Intel i7-8550U CPU.

I’m strugglin to install Manjaro i3 there.

I’m using latest ISO with i3 community version, and USB flash drive, for live installation.

GRUB is working fine, but after I try to boot in to system, I get black screen.
There is no cursor pointer, “_” or any other symbols.
Nvidia driver change from free to non-free doesn’t change anything.

Probably related with video drivers, so I did tried “nomodeset” boot.
In this case I get black screen with “_” symbol in top-left corner.
But i’m not sure I did everything right since i’m desktop user and not experinced with laptop graphics common issues.

Any help and advice is apricciated.


Last time I tried i3 edition live media on my laptop (same CPU & GPU), it worked fine w/o any issues. Have you tried other editions like Gnome or KDE? Maybe something is broken in recent i3 iso…


Which version worked for you?

Have you tried the most recent version? Or the same version as the OP? That would provide a useful baseline.


Sorry, I don’t remember as pretty soon I realised that i3 is not for me so I rebooted back to my Plasma system and deleted i3 iso. All I can say is that “tryout” took place in the beginning of August.


I found my backup USB drive with ~6 months old Manjaro i3 version - same result.

Will try to install gnome/kde versions today.


I’d also suggest to post the output of inxi -Fxxxz to let us see your laptop’s specs.



I had to use Manjaro-Architect ISO, with non-free drivers and nomodeset option.

Installed system boots and work fine.

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