[RESOLVED] Installation fails -- won't accept password (Manjaro Budgie)


I’ve tried several times to install Manjaro Budgie from a thumb drive, but each time fails.

I have existing LVM partitions, two of which already have OSes on them. So in the install I selected the option to replace an existing partion and selected the free one. The install seems to proceed fine with no errors, then takes me to a screen just showing wallpaper. As soon as I move the mouse, it asks for a password, and it will not accept the password I provided during setup. If I select “Switch user”, it takes me to a dialog that has no option to select which user account to use. There is a button to change desktop environment, and an input field for password. That’s it. And it will not accept my password.

I tried to the install again and told it to not require password, but I get the same thing.

When I remove the thumb drive and reboot, I find myself in grub recover mode and have to recover my grub menu to be able to boot.

What’s going on?


It looks like it actually did install to the partition OK after all. I just have no grub boot menu.

I ran grub-mkconfig and it saw the Manjaro partition. So I rebooted and was able to boot into the Manjaro partition OK.

So it looks like there were two problems:

  • After installation was complete, it prompted for a password and would not accept any. This was confusing, and there was no feedback as to what was going on.
  • It wiped out whatever config grub needs to present a boot menu at startup.

I don’t know much about grub, so had to figure out how to get my boot menu back. Every time I restarted, I found myself in grub recovery mode. I was able to find instructions as to what commands to give in recovery mode to get it to boot from a partition. I used the following commands:

set prefix=(hd0,msdos3)/boot/grub
insmod normal

It then restarts, and I can see by grub boot menu. After booting into an OS, is used grub-install to remember this and show the boot menu after each restart.

Sorted out, now, but this was not a seamless install. Have others not had this issue? Anyway, it seems to be working and I can boot into it. (And it boots into it very quickly. That’s nice.)

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