Resolution problem

Hey! I was playing Slender: The Eight Pages on my laptop (Lenovo Ideapad 330 with 1366x768 resolution) and I was choosing my resolution for the game and also unticked the “windowed” option. I adjusted my resolution to 700x450. Game was working fine before that, but this time the game froze and I shutted off the laptop by power button. After that everytime i rebooted my laptop, the laptop was stuck at 700x450 resolution. Then I finally found the way to “reset” it: I configured it in the System Settings to 1368x768. But that didn’t make anything better. In fact, it made things worse, because now everything is too big for me and it’s also interrupting. So my question is: how do I completely truly reset my resolution on Manjaro KDE Plasma?

In those same System Settings > Display and Monitor > Display Configuration there should be a Reset button near the bottom