[RESOLU]Playonlinux et acroread


J'ai la dernière version de Manjaro installée.
J'ai installé playonlinux. Dans PlayonLinux, j'ai installé MS Office 2007 et Acroread (via les scripts de POL).
Le Pack Office marche correctement. Par contre, l'affichage d'acroread n'est pas complète : pas de police dans les boutons, les boites de dialogues vide...
Quelqu'un a-il ce problème ?



According to this: https://forum.winehq.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=32333
you might need to have windows 7 fonts.
Anyway, playonlinux scripts are far from working all the time. When they do not you should in general check their website or wineHQ for help.

Why do you want to use acroread? They are plenty PDF programs native to linux.

But all the PDF programs under linux, don't print A3 to 2xA4. I have some A3 pdf but i have a A4 printer. I have tested evince, okular, qpdfviewer... None of this software offers to print an A3 in 2 a4. If you have a solution for that...i'll take it :wink: !!



There is a specific GUI utility to do just that in the repos, called posterazor.
Did you try it?

No. I don't know it. I will try. I tried jpdftweak.

Thanks for all ! My tools now to manipulate pdf : posterazor and jpdftweak.
Not need acroread ! Yes !