Resize Partitioning between Linux and Win10 doesn't open anymore Win, Shrinking

Hi guys, is this the right place to ask or in which place to ask/post this, kinda newbie:

after a partitioning resize in order to give more space to linux distro from win10 resizing, after I did so with a live Usb Live of Manjaro with the application Gparted, now I can’t open anymore win10 and is going on loop if I select it (Win) with code erro 0xc0000…, also on grub doesn’t appear windows, I have to select it from f12 and nonetheless is a loop telling repairing and then fails with that code error

If I understand correctly, you used Gparted to shrink the Windows partition?

  1. AFAIK that is a big no-no and probably the root of your problem. You should have used Windows to shrink itself first. I hope you followed the usual advice and did a backup before resizing partitions, data loss is always a risk. Anyway not exactly sure how you should fix it, probably use a Windows iso to try and repair Windows.

  2. I might be wrong but I assume the first part of the disk was Windows, then you had your manjaro partition, correct? Changing the size of the Linux partition by adding that middle empty area of disk isn’t recommend, usually it’s safer only if adding at the end of the partition (but my knowledge may be outdated). I think you’ll probably have to reinstall manjaro, once you successfully correct your Windows installation.

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Yes for number 1 : will always do from Win from now on the resizing if I need to do so. I didn’t back up but I can still see the files and open them from Linux, I can try to recover them from here

2 Yes, first slots of sda are Win dedicated , then Linux. With Gparted I first created free space from windows then let this last go into Linux with 2 operations
will try to see if can save windows first

thank you for reply :slight_smile: