Reset the settings in dolphin

I am using KDE Plasma.
The sidebar (left) is missing in Dolphin.

How can I add the sidebar or reset the settings in Dolphin ?

Try F9 or Dolphin menu Show panels > Places

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I guess you could delete ~/.config/dolphinrc

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Thanks for the answer.

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In addition to the above…

KDE has some of the best maintained documentation.

The KDE common Help menu is under the menu item, Help. The Application Handbook shortcut is F1.

Or, online:

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I haven´t found this entry in the documentation.
Also. I have searched with Goooogle.

See my previous reply. I tried to show, via the indented list, how I found it in the KDE user documentation. I quoted the pertinent text (unfortunately I couldn’t get the quote block indented under the last bullet item). Whatever you find in the online doc, should be in the F1 help. If it didn’t help this time, hopefully it’ll help to find something else in the future. :slight_smile:

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Yes, thanks.

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