Request to change the package for nvidia bumblebee



Hello, I have request to Manjaro developers. I use Manjaro on laptop with nvidia optimus graphics. It’s great thing that during system installation bumblebee drivers are installed out of the box but after some time I have that error:

primusrun glxgears
primus: fatal: Bumblebee daemon reported: error: Could not load GPU driver

Then I install bumblebee-git package and everything works perfect. I have to do that in my old Toshiba P870 laptop with GeForce GT 630M and now I have the same situation in my new Dell Inspiron with GTX 1050. Maybe just change that bumblebee driver to bumblebee-git to install out of the box when people choose non-free drivers whe booting from live cd/usb.


The reason why it has not been updated, is probably becuase the bumblebee project has not tagged a new release since 2.3.1, which was in 2013. So bumblebee project is basicly dead.

Bumblebee-git does use the develop branch, which was last updated in January 2017.

Maybe someone can do an update to bumblebee in the repo, to use this branch instead?


It will be great to use bumblebee-git branch. I noticed that many people have that problem and asks about that GPU driver error. It’s sad that bumblebee project is dead because it’s the best option for optimus laptops and linux.