Request for update branch between pacman & pamac



this morning in Testing i have with pacman 3 updates ( firefox & thunderbird )

this afternoon , i want update , and then i have many update, i open pamac , and see the list

so i return with pacman under stable branch to ge this 3 updates , but
pamac always see Testing update ( the big list )

in pamac preferences , there is no display for the branch
it should always put a lock if pamac notify or launched


You have to resync the mirrors, as the /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist contains the branch too in the Server links.


That seems weird - at least your description

As I understand you - you seem to be experiencing the updates from two different branches?

I don’t think seeing updates from two branches should be possible but alas I can figure a way.

It is possible is when you have one branch in pacman-mirrors.conf - which is the branch that pamac uses and your mirrorlist would contain the url of a different branch and as such it would be the one that pacman uses.

To illustrate


Branch = testing


Server =$repo/$arch

This scenario is impossible to solve as it is a user created scenario.

It can indeed be created by abusing the api of pacman-mirrors, and it would have been done so quite intentional. Which branch should be the chosen in the scenario?

The obvious solution is for users not to deliberately create the scenario in the first place.

There is no cure for - in lack of a better word - ignorance.


I don’t think this is an issue with both tools. I had this morning also the Firefox and Thunderbird update available and did the update:

2018-11-25 12:12] [ALPM] upgraded firefox (63.0.1-1 -> 63.0.3-0)
[2018-11-25 12:12] [ALPM] upgraded thunderbird (60.3.0-1 -> 60.3.1-0)

Afterwards todays update has been announced. When I did the update, Firefox and Thunderbird have been on the list again:

[2018-11-25 13:39] [ALPM] upgraded firefox (63.0.3-0 -> 63.0.3-1)
[2018-11-25 13:39] [ALPM] upgraded thunderbird (60.3.1-0 -> 60.3.1-2)

I think there has just been a quick update right before a 2nd large one has been pushed. No issues with the tools itself.


I agree with @Phrosgone in that packages can be replaced on short notice - but as I understand OP - the difference was more than just the small bumps in version and pkgrel.


Right, in the morning there was just FF und TB, afterwards the large one which has been announced, containing much more packages as only the two from earlier today. For me everything seems legit. Expect I did not understand what @stephane wanted to express.


This is a user generated issue

  • pacman showing three updates (based on the mirrorlist itself)
  • pamac GUI showing a big list (based on the branch from pacman-mirrors.conf)

To fix such inconsistency - it is an inconsistency - use pacman-mirrors to rewrite the mirrorlist.

sudo pacman-mirrors -f && pacman -Syyu


I see no issue with this. Seems you missed the current update announcement …


may be i should better explain :
on start , mirrors are on Testing
this morning only 3 composants updated
and if i have opened pamac , only 3 updates too

there is a push in testing , early this afternoon

  1. i do pacman -Syyu
    –> i see the push with pacman and also notify pamac is updated

  2. with pacman , i change branch Testing to Stable
    and apply for 3 updates in morning
    ( here pacman-mirrors list is updated & synchronised )

i see pamac in red i opened and i see Testings ,
pacman is synchronized , not pamac

you have to 2 update , one in Stable , another in testing
if pamac is notify for update , before Recheck mirrorslists


Can you explain the WHY? Why change branches and when?


Pamac uses it’s own mechanism the databases which Pamac uses is located in /var/cache/pkgfile I think the previous sentence is nonsense. That folder might be created from pacman -Fu

When you change your branch you need to explicitly update Pamac’s databases too.

You do this using the Refresh databases item in the menu.

I am just thinking loud now - and rethinking - it seems like something is missing.

I found them. Pamac keeps working copies of the databases and stores them in