Request: don't tell user to update kernel when recommended kernel is already running

Currently, Manjaro sends mixed messages when newer but not recommended kernels are available. There is (at least in the KDE edition) a popup that says that a “newer kernel is available, please update”. I’m quoting the phrase from memory, I law saw it a few days ago after the last update.

But then inside the Kernel System Settings Module, you see that you’re already running the recommended kernel.

It would be better if the popup was suppressed if the recommended kernel is already running.


Should be really shortened to New kernel available and that’s it, honestly.

I’m kinda surprised this is still a thing in 2019.


The kernel will only be active (running) after a reboot.

You can adjust those message - using the notifier settings app

Well, it is kinda nice to be alerted when there is a new kernel available. The problem is more the “please update” part which gives the false idea that you HAVE to use the new kernel.

That’s why I think this part should be removed from MSM, and that it should have been done a long time ago. It is not the first time I see this kind of idea honestly.


testing branch - in KDE MSM the bug where it is ignoring the ticked options to show notify about only LTS and recommended has re-occurred. I removed kernel 5.0.2 and got prompted to please update despite having both options ticked. It happened on my desktop to to rule out a specific machine having the issue I tried on my laptop, same thing happened.

anyhow @ReaperX, original discussion is here

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